Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!

I ordered seeds a few weeks ago and I've already received nearly all of what I ordered! It's always a fun time of year to look ahead at things you'd like to plant again and choose some new and fun things to grow.

This year I did order from Gurneys again since they always give a great coupon whenever you order. Nothing like getting $25 off a purchase of $50 or more, eh?

From Gurneys I ordered:
Spinach, Vital Green
Butter Crunch Head Lettuce (excited about this one I've never grown it)
Leaf Lettuce, blend (grew amazing last year)
Mesclun, Mild Mix
Cabbage, Hybrid Stonehead
Broccoli, Hybrid Coronado Crown
Sweet Potato- Beauregard

Seeds saved from last year from Gurneys:
Cucumber, Hybrid Classy
Watermelon, Sugar Baby
Summer Squash, Hybrid Gurney's Pride
Pumpkin, Connecticut Field
Summer Squash, Hybrid Multipik
Carrot, Rainbow Mix
Winter Squash, Waltham Butternut
Winter Squash, Vegetable Spaghetti
Pole Bean, Kentucky Wonder

I'm most excited about all of the heirloom seeds I ordered this year!
The Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds was fast with the delivery of my seeds and they give a lot of information about the origin of the varieties they sell. They only offer open-pollinated seeds that are pure, natural and non-GMO.  

I ordered from
Lima Bean Christmas Pole
Corn Rainbow Inca Sweet
Tomato Moneymaker- An Old English Heirloom
Roma Tomato
Yellow Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Henderson's Pink Tomato
Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Peas
Dragon's Egg Cucumber
Beit Alpha Cucumber- pickling variety
Jelly Melon Kiwano- African Horned Cucumber
Squash Jarrahdale- Blue pumpkin
Melon Collective Farm Woman- heirloom melon from the Ukraine 

Seeds purchased at local stores: 

Sweet Basil
Pepper Sonoma Sunset Hybrid
Pepper California Wonder
Tomato Supersteak Hybrid-Recommended by a gardener friend
Bean Edible Soybean (Edamame)

I know. You're thinking how is she going to grow all of this? Will she have enough room? The answer is yes. (I hope so)
I will be expanding where I can and where it's appropriate and doing some interplanting to maximize my garden space. I may also buy a plot in our community garden for some of my squash or melons. This year I also plan to grow my potatoes in upright containers for easier harvest. It will give me more space as well.

 If I can only keep from buying more seeds when I see them on sale. I don't think I will be able to fit much more. I'm getting so excited for the spring!

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