Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

For the next few days it seems so but I'm not holding my breath. I'm expecting at least one more chilly snap but hopefully we won't get anything too major. I've had a great time working the garden the past few days. Getting all of the cold weather crops planted this week has been fun and challenging!

I've sown spinach, mesculin mix, leaf lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, and snow peas. I also put out my onion sets.. red and yellow.

 I did cheat and buy brussel sprout and red cabbage seedlings. Last year the plants worked so well I couldn't resist spending the money on them this year to get them into the ground.

I've started some cabbage seeds, broccoli raab, broccoli and lettuce seeds indoors. They are not quite large enough to plant outdoors but hopefully by the end of the month I can get them outside. They are just now getting their first true leaves. I started them on March 9th.

My tomato seedlings are coming along wonderfully! I started all of my tomato seeds on March 3rd.  I feel a bit guilty about not getting some of them into deeper pots yet. Tomorrow I will get them all transplanted so that they can get thicker and stronger. They look very leggy but they'll be fine once I get them into a deeper container. I usually reuse plastic cups from year to year (with holes poked in the bottom for drainage). I do have some pots I've saved from purchasing flowers. I'm always all about reusing anything I can which can make me a pack rat but it all comes in handy.

More tomato seedling updates after transplanting and when they have their first true leaves! I've been happy with the germination rates of the heirloom varieties I've ordered. They were slower to start than other seeds I've used in the past but they look hearty and healthy!

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